The main objective of art is to communicate - to inspire thought, elicit feeling, and intrigue by virtue of its creation.  Its ability to do so distinguishes the good from the
great.  My most recent body of work clearly illustrates not only the elation and pleasure of the creative process, but also the endless facets of life itself; its planning and
spontaneity, its ups and downs, brights and darks are all translated into coherent, expressive mixed media works.  Their creation is catalyzed by the liberating capacities
of music, their statements descriptive of life.  Intellect and instinct work in harmony by joining together the geometric and the gestural, the choice and the accident.  
Open spaces co-exist with confined ones, and motion interacts with stillness.  Each painting is a constant discovery, leading the eye on a visual journey in which each
plane is distinctively different, yet somehow related.

My mixed media works directly parallel the diverse qualities of life.  The harmonious interplay of shape, space, color and texture enables me to achieve what is the
ultimate synthesis of intellect and instinct.  Guided by music, intention precedes risk, and intuition becomes knowledge.  The results are exuberant and exciting paintings
that both challenge and reflect our lives and environments.

To cultivate original improvisation requires courage, energy and mastery of the medium.  The developing beauty of honesty must be appreciated.

Frank has studied at the School of Art in Pittsburgh and the American Academy of Art and the Academic Art Foundation, both located in Chicago.

Solo and Group Exhibitions
Erl Originals   Winston-Salem, NC
16 Patton Gallery  Asheville, NC
Walton St. Galleries  Chicago, IL
Union Square Galleries San Francisco, CA
Cherry Creek Gallery  Denver
International Graphics Frankfort, Germany
Marquis Galleries  Quebec, Canada
Wayne Gallery   Wayne, NV
Green Blant Gallery  New York, NY
Galerie Andre' Maurice Paris, France
Galeria Juana   Madrid, Spain
Art Impressions  Cincinnati, OH
Inner Visions   Washington, DC
London Contemporary Art London, England
Yoseito Gallery  Tokyo, Japan

Corporate Collections
McDonald's Corp.
Museum of Science and Industry
S.A.S Institute World Headquarters
Disney Studios
Visa U.S.A., Inc.
Embassy Suites